Sometimes life and priorities move so quickly you forget to stop and celebrate milestones along the way.
Many months ago, about the time my last book (The Family Business) was being published, I received an email from another publisher expressing interest in a different book project which had been many years in the making. Amazing news, in the midst of the birth of our son, and the ever-shifting pandemic tides of work, family and life.

While “The Family Business” is fictional, this book is autobiographical and deeply personal. It is the story of my own abandoned upbringing as a scandal to the Church, my rebellious search for purpose, and my discovery through research that most of us really don’t get the point of our Christian faith.

For Christians, I hope it will shed light on the deeper story of why we are here.

For church leaders, I hope it will lovingly point toward places where we have often failed those we seek to serve.

If I’m honest, putting my own thoughts and learning out there alongside stories from my life tips my “nervousness“ scale slightly closer to tilt. But honesty, truth, transparency, and a deep love for what God has created in each of us has to win out over my own fears.

So, here’s to putting it all out there.

The new book, Love Child, comes out in April.