On 14 October 2020, our family left the hospital having lost a baby. Exactly one year later, we left the hospital with a beautiful baby boy.

Same hospital.
Same nurses.
Same date, one year later, a very different situation.

My wife and I were, of course, overjoyed with the birth of our son. He is the answer to many, many prayers, after a long and painful trial.

When we realized the symmetry of dates, our emotions hit a tipping point. Among the whirl of emotions from that day, we couldn’t help but be amazing at the nursing staff. The same compassionate and amazing team of nurses cared for us in each situation. While to doctors came and went, performing their duties with excellence and offering care and support while they were in the room, it was the nurses who stuck with us hour to hour.

My faith tells me each of us was created for a purpose. We were each designed with a role and goal – our role, God’s goal – and there is nothing better than doing the thing you were made to do. That sort of alignment feeds purpose and passion in each of us, and that’s exactly what we experienced. Not many professions see people on the highest mountain top and in the lowest valley. Even fewer do it with poise and grace. These nurses are an amazing example of God’s love, care, and being His hands and feet when people need it most.

So, to the nurses from Penrose-St.Francis Hospital (Centura Health) thank you for your service.

You amaze me. I will forever be grateful to the way you looked after our family – in good times and bad.